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Welcome to your Deepolis Fan Site! Here you will find interesting information and tools for playing the game of Deepolis. Use the links on the left to help you navigate the site and for various charts, maps and tools. This site made possible by our friends at ToW Club and Tides of War.

The purpose of this site is a quick, one stop, ready reference guide. Although the game is not that complicated to truly master it does take time as well as practice. Hopefully your visit here will help you with that task by providing tips, tricks and data you can reference easily. We are constantly looking for quality player work and contributions that can aid you in your quest as -the- Grand Admiral of the Sea !!

A secondary but most important purpose of the Deepolis Fan Site is FUN. Hopefully you can find here various media, kits, graphics, forum information's, etc that might add even more fun to your overall Deepolis experience! Care to join our team and contribute your works and talents to the Fan Site? Feel free to contact us via the Fan Site Forums.

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